It has been a wonderful school year and I am excited for camp and the beach!

I would like to thank all of the schools and the art teachers that were so gracious to share their classrooms and students with me.  I was thrilled with all of the murals and I just love my day at Mandalay Elementary School where all the students get so creative with recycled materials. A special thank you to my hometown elementary school, Judy Jacobs Parkway. It was an honor to help create a mural in the same school that my children graduated from. To all the wonderful art teachers that helped me this year (Danielle Herman from Charles Campagne, Beth Brody from Centre Ave, and Lauren Moran from Glenwood Landing)..THANK YOU!!!

I am so excited to see all of the kids at Driftwood Day Camp and many of my favorite libraries this summer.

Be safe, get outside and and create!