Recycled Mural Program

In the Recycled Mural hands-on workshop, every child participates and contributes to the treasured keepsake that will display proudly on the wall of the school. Inside the caps, children proudly sign their names. In addition, we can add special messages such as a pledge of kindness. Every mural is custom designed for the particular school.

The workshop is set up in 4 stations (including the mural station) to make sure that all of the children are kept busy while learning. There will be a coloring station that will have a coloring sheet of your mural, a re-purposed magnet station where every child will make and take home their own magnet, and a sorting station where children will help dry and sort the plastic caps.

The result- a fun and colorful keepsake for the kids to enjoy and for the school to hang proudly for years to come.

Due to requests for another type of mural I have created the Paper Collage Mural.
With the help of my paper punches all schools can have a 1 of a kind mural that is signed by each student and staff member. Please check out the american flag sample as well as the new shapes.