Happy Earth Day! I hope wherever you are the sun is shining and you get to enjoy the outdoors today. I have made a personal vow to start to make the little changes to help my planet. I had this moment yesterday. My daughter saw a plastic bag on the grass and ran to pick it up so she could throw it out. We always tell our children not to litter but what about picking up someone else’s garbage? Just think about it. It is such a simple way to get your kids involved. (Just make sure you have some cleaning soap or wipes handy) . My Earth Day Resolution is to try and teach kids that the little things that we can do really can make all the difference. My girl scout troop has vowed to shut off the water when they brush their teeth. My kids pick up garbage whether it is theirs or not (now if only they would clean up their toys!) I am trying to take shorter showers. For me that is the ultimate sacrifice. If I am lucky that is actually my quiet time.

Try and make a resolution. Most importantly try to make 1 with your children. I’d love to hear your resolutions. I am always looking for new ideas!!

Now go outside and grab a crayon and piece of paper. Lay your paper over the surface of a tree , a leaf or anything else you see and color over it with a crayon. I just love a good leaf rubbing.

Happy Crafting!

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