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Each species of grasshopper have their own song.

Feed the Birds

Start with 2 mini crates and learn how to create a bird sanctuary complete with water and bird food. Each home will be stained to feel more harmonious with nature.

Appropriate for grades 4 and up

$225 for 15 teens/tweens in person
$250 for 15 to go kits with video link
$300 for 15 kits with a live zoom

Sarah Urtnowski – Young Adult Librarian, Jericho Public Library

I couldn’t ask for a better person than Leslie to hire for my craft programs. One of my favorite moments was when Leslie brought some crafting materials that were a little “goth” because she had noticed a teen that was interested in that. She pays attention to each teen who attend the programs and has learned their preferences. The teens respond easily to her instructions and suggestions. Leslie is professional and easy to work with.

Sarah Urtnowski – Young Adult Librarian, Jericho Public Library

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